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Initiating The Conversation With Seniors

How do you initiate the conversation with loved ones about health, finances and end-of-life issues? How do you invite positive dialogue among key family members?


Multigenerational Workforce in a Home Care Setting

“I really love it so much,” says King. At 62, she is not thinking about retiring any time soon. “I even go to help people on my days off—it doesn’t feel like work! You can learn so much from older people. I love their stories and their friendship. I’m very lucky.”

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What Is Specialized Healthcare?

In recent years, the U.S. healthcare system has shifted to offer more niche medical programs that provide specialized healthcare. These medical programs are often referred to as centers of excellence that focus on the same diseases, disorders or medical conditions with a team of the best and brightest medical specialists in their respective fields. When your health issues are beyond your primary care provider’s expertise, you will be referred to a specialist.

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Home-Based Cardiac Rehab: Designing an Effective Approach

Right at Home is sponsoring a one-hour CEU webinar, “Home-Based Cardiac Rehab: Designing an Effective Approach,” on February 28, 2019. This webinar will provide an overview of home-based cardiac rehab programs and give the multidisciplinary care team ideas for designing and implementing a home-based cardiac rehab program. Karen Collins, nutrition consultant and David Schopfer, MD, a cardiologist and health services researcher at the San Francisco VA Healthcare System, will be presenting and answering questions live.

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Low Vision Awareness Month

The Cleveland Clinic notes, “1 in 6 adults over age 45 has low vision; 1 in 4 adults over age 75 has low vision.” Because of a number of eye disorders and injuries, anyone of any age can be affected by low vision, but older adults are at highest risk for impaired vision. The American Optometric Association (AOA) lists 4 common causes of low vision.

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Urgent Care vs. Emergency Rooms

Where do you seek medical care when your regular doctor or healthcare provider is close for the day? How are urgent care centers and ERs different?

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Data Privacy Tips for Senior Loved Ones

“A bonus for seniors who are getting into tech now is how much more user-friendly computers and smartphones have become in the past few years,” says Weston Thomson, Director of Community Learning for Do Space in Omaha, Nebraska. “There’s nothing to be scared of, and increasing technology literacy is an important preventative step when it comes to safely surfing the internet.”

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Working Twice as Hard–Taking on Caregiving as a Second Job

Many Americans have taken on second jobs to make ends meet. Nearly 37 percent of American workers have taken on a second job, or a “side hustle,” to pay their bills. Of those who are working two jobs, 38 percent of them report that they are using the extra money to cover ordinary living expenses.

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Give the Gift of Life: National Blood Donor Month

This year marks the 50th anniversary of National Blood Donor Month, and the nation’s need for blood is still just as urgent as it was in 1969. In the United States, every 2 seconds someone is in need of donated blood, whether for surgery, chronic illness, cancer treatment or traumatic injuries. One donation can save up to three lives!